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February 24, 2012

Aurora Training Update

by Melissa

Aurora and I have begun preparing for dressage competition. We are hoping that this project will also improve her condition results in our upcoming Endurance races. Hypothetically, a stronger back, a straighter ride, and better use of the hidquarters should produce an improved ride. We have started about 6 weeks ago, with 15 minutes of longing in side reins followed by dressage rides during the weekday evenings. We cannot do distance during the week because of the lack of daylight once I have completed work.


On the weekends, we have begun our conditioning rides and try to ride around 20 miles each day at a good clip. She enjoys these very much. We have been doing conditioning rides building her up over the course of the past year. Our first true endurance ride (50 miles) will take place in Arkansas next month.


Casey is working with an instructor too on improving his hip flexibility.  That’s something I needed someone else to teach him, sometimes its best to let others’ do the teaching with your loved ones.  I am hoping that he improves quickly so that he can better enjoy riding with me.

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