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November 28, 2011

Brushy Creek Resort and Lodge

by Melissa

Brushy Creek Resort and Lodge

Located just 45 miles from Rolla, MO and nestled in the Ozark Mountains is Brushy Creek Lodge.  This location sports 3 rental cabins, a rental teepee,  and number of campsites.  While the cabins are not fancy, they are clean and maintained.  On some weekends, food is provided in the main lodge for a moderate cost.  The food is mostly hard-fried with a salad bar.  If you can’t eat heavy while riding, be prepared to bring your own meals.

This location has a gaited horse stable that offers occasional clinics.  Horses are available for rent, or you can bring your own.  Stabling facilities are well maintained, but be sure to bring grain, hay, shavings, water buckets and bucket hangers.

The reason I like this trail so much, is that there is direct access to the Ozark Trail, with literally hundreds of miles of georgiouis trails.  Be ready for a challenge, the trail had loads of switch backs, lots of steep climbs and rocks.  Because of this, even if your normally a barefoot person, I highly recommend that your horse be shod.

I was there for 4 days (Friday-Monday) and when I stayed with 2 other women and ate 2 meals/day, it cost $174 over labor day.  I think this is an amazing price for what you are getting (lodging, meals, stabling and great trail access).  We plan to return next year.

Brushy Creek Property

Brushy Creek Farm













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