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George H Morris Jumping Clinic Snippet 2010

The above video is a snippet from a George Morris jumping clinic.  George Morris is one of the world’s best jumpers and instructors.  His riding style is fluid and gentle.  Watch how lightly these horses are ridden.  USHJA offers full clinic videos for sale.


2nd Lesson with Altamonte Show Stables

Flat work with Brody Robinson at Altamonte Show Stables.



Looking through my horse's ears.

Ear tick Removal

I approached my horse one evening to find her acting as though she was going crazy. She was shaking her head, raising it very high and not letting anyone near her head to figure out what was going wrong. We figured out quickly, something was in her ear.  Usually quite gentle, when we would go near her ear, she would raise he head so high and powerfully, that she would shift the hitching post that was cemented into the ground.


Little did I know, the ear is a common attachment point for the tick, and once attached, they can travel far into the canal. If left untreated, the irritation caused by the tick, can cause the horse to damage it’s own ear through near-continuous shaking and rubbing. How can the tick be removed from the horse?

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Beginning Dressage

I started my riding career riding hunters, but if I could do it again, I would have started with Dressage.  I say this because I believe dressage to be an excellent foundation for all riding disciplines.  It encourages a correct, balanced and active seat and light hands for the rider and teaches the horse to move in a frame that develops and strengthens the back while encouraging the horse to use his hind end.

Cat and Dolphin

While not horse-related, this cat and dolphin video is a truly remarkable interspecies interaction



New Rider Advise

Are you interested in learning to ride? Great! You’re about to embark on a wonderful new adventure. However, I want to issue one word of wisdom. Do not even think about buying a horse right away. All too often, people think they need to own a horse to learn to ride, but you’re much better off putting your money into the learning process and spending it on the horse when you are good and ready. Also note that the cost of horse ownership is considerably more then one will ever expect. You need to factor the cost of a farrier, vet bills, board, feed, emergency expenses and potentially a trailer if you want to be mobile.


All too often, people buy a horse without knowing anything about horses. They buy a saddle (which may or may not fit), hop on and think that they will be able to ride off into the sunset. When they fall off, they begin to believe that they got a lemon of a horse, and take little responsibility for their own actions.


My advice is to take at least 1 year of lessons. Before buying a horse, your minimum skill set should include Walk, trot, canter, back, riding alone, and catching a horse alone. You need to be comfortable picking up the feet of a resistant horse, as well as bridling. I would try out several disciplines because different personality types and body types excel at different disciplines. Lease several different horses for a few months at a time. Ride alone. Learn what you like and dislike about each horse. You may even be able to lease/purchase a horse, but if not make sure you take a more experienced person with you when you look at the horse. If you find something you like, be sure to have a vet look him over. Sick horses can be very expensive. The vet will not “pass” or “fail” a horse. That decision is still up to you, but he will tell you if the horse has any type of debilitating disease or problem that you as an inexperienced person would not know to look for.


I suggest boarding at a public boarding facility as you transition into horse ownership. This means that you will have help along the way and people to ask if you have any kind of trouble. If you plan on taking your horse home, only do so once you are comfortable with the horses’ basic needs and make sue you keep a knowledgable horse person’s number on speed dial.


When it comes to calling the vet, always err on the side of caution. If my horse stops eating, I will always call the vet right away. Horses can’t throw up and when they experience intense abdominal pain will begin to kick at themselves. They can kick hard enough to break open their GI track and spill out the contents, leading rapidly to sepsis and death. They call this colic… and it’s nothing to mess with. The other thing I always watch are eye problems. Be sure you treat any problem asap, because prey animals can become very skittish if eyesight is lost.


Good luck on your new equestrian endeavor. Be smart about your decisions, learn everything you can, and have fun!


Aurora Training Update

Aurora and I have begun preparing for dressage competition. We are hoping that this project will also improve her condition results in our upcoming Endurance races. Hypothetically, a stronger back, a straighter ride, and better use of the hidquarters should produce an improved ride. We have started about 6 weeks ago, with 15 minutes of longing in side reins followed by dressage rides during the weekday evenings. We cannot do distance during the week because of the lack of daylight once I have completed work.


On the weekends, we have begun our conditioning rides and try to ride around 20 miles each day at a good clip. She enjoys these very much. We have been doing conditioning rides building her up over the course of the past year. Our first true endurance ride (50 miles) will take place in Arkansas next month.


Casey is working with an instructor too on improving his hip flexibility.  That’s something I needed someone else to teach him, sometimes its best to let others’ do the teaching with your loved ones.  I am hoping that he improves quickly so that he can better enjoy riding with me.


Horse Racing Flash Mob


The best race of 2011 brought to you in HD.

Check out an article about it here:


Obama, Congress restore horse-slaughter industry – Washington Times

Sneaky legislation restores horse slaughter to the USDA.  With Christmas, the Republican Primaries, and scandal in the air, how did this escape public scrutiny?

Obama, Congress restore horse-slaughter industry – Washington Times.



Heartwarming Horse Videos

I hope you enjoy these as much as I did.

This is Budweiser’s latest.  It embraces the American dream.

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