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Informational Video on Horse Slaughter

A comprehensive look at American Horse Slaughter.



Aurora Moves from Texas to MO

When I began to work with Aurora, despite the fact that she was sold to me as unbroken (she may have had 30 days of training as a 2 year old), she quickly became a trustworthy mount.  We weren’t always perfectly harmonious, or doing everything perfectly, but she was always gentle and generally our adventures her “all”.  I worked to desensitize her by taking her on frequent trail rides (which she LOVED).  We crossed bridges, interacted with dogs, bicycles, cars, trains, people and even rattle snakes a few times.  We worked on basic collection and did a lot to get her in great shape.  By fall, she was well on her way to begin training for jumping.  It was at this point, I was offered a job in Missouri.  Other then the job interview, I had not been to Missouri, but liked the job so took it regardless.  The formal job offer came the first week of December. That weekend, I flew down to locate an apartment and boarding stable.

With an estimated 60 degree temperature drop for my horses, I was worried about getting them to Missouri.  I drove them down immediately, even before I began my job so that they could begin to adjust to the temperature.  Because of the huge temperature change that was bound to be traumatic, the Texas A & M vet clinic recommended that I give my horses UlcerGuard® and also have them administer mineral oil the night before departure.  Using blankets as well as the regimen described above, our trip and climate/dietary transition went smoothly.


Wild Horse Wild Ride -exciting beginnings

The premiere was a whirlwind experience. I travelled to Palm Springs with my friend Kristen Tushingham. Both showings were sold out, and the film recieved a standing ovation. Afterwards, we did a Q&A session for an incredibly engaged audience. Finally, the Mustang Heritage Foundation took us out for appetizers and drinks. I got to spend a little time with the other riders that were featured in the film. We all became fast friends; our lives will be forever intertwined. The Mustang Heritage Foundation also hired a photographer for the event. I will post the photos soon. A number of magazines, newspapers and websites have been reporting on our movie.

See below: We Made the Hollywood Reporter and got a great review!‐horse‐wild‐ride‐film-70628 And articles are spreading all over the web…

This is Horse Ilustrated’s website. I have been reading their magazine since I was probably 7.‐news/2011/01/07/wild‐horse‐wild‐ride.aspx‐documentary‐debut‐palm‐springs‐international‐film‐festival.html‐documentary‐to‐debut‐at‐palm‐springs‐international‐film‐festival


There are more to come! I will keep you updated!