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October 5, 2011

Finding a Lost Horse

by Melissa

Has your horse gone missing?  While I recommend using all of the conventional search methods, it is possible that your horse could be found by someone that won’t have access to your local newspaper or notice the sign posted in your feedstore.  Your horse could end up being quickly sold and be shipped across the country or even the world.

That is where comes in.  They post lost as well as found adds and are totally devoted to their cause.  If you sign up for their mailing list, you will recieve missing horse notifications, which may enable you to be a part of the solution.  In addition, you can register your horse’s information with them, including microchip ID number and markings.  That way, should your horse go missing, you will have all of the necessary information to begin the search.

There is also a place where you can post lost adds on  This will also help you widen your sphere of influence.

I also recommend the following:

  • File a police report immediately.  Because of the horse’s historical role in transportation, many states have stringent anti-horse theft laws.
  • Post adds to horse and other animal related email chat groups.  Many have regional dog or horse groups that will be very accomidating.
  • Post adds to local craigslist as well as in other nearby communities.  If you’re from WI, you might consider Madison, Milwaukee, Green Bay.  If you’re from Texas, perhaps Austin, Dallas, Houston.  Be sure to post under the Farm/Garden section as well as the pets section.
  • Place an add in your local newspaper
  • Put signs up at local feed stores, tack stores and any other business that may let you put it in your window.
  • See if you can enlist help from the police and/or local search and rescue groups.
  • See if you can post signs at nearby trailheads.
  • Place signs on street poles..
  • You may also want to consider offering a reward for information that leads to the horse being found.

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