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October 28, 2011

Midwest Ice Storm

by Melissa

Today is one of the worst ice storms I have ever seen.  Hopefully after all of this, our evergreens will survive.  Right now, they are so weighted down that I think they might collapse if a strong wind comes through.  Since we have 40mph winds expected tomorrow, this is a signficant possibility.  The world is like an ice rink.  It was challenging for me to even find a place for my dog to stand and do his business without slipping onto his face.

These icy conditions are very dangerous for your horse.  If you typically give your horse access to the outdoors and there is any way to keep your horse inside, please do so.  You don’t want your horse getting hurt.  It would also be very difficult for you to get help given the road conditions or even for you to get out to help him yourself!

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