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Cowback Riding-Udderly Amazing

This is the story of a girl who wanted a horse very badly, but was unsuccessful at obtaining one.  She went with the next best thing; riding one of her family’s Holstein cows.. in an English saddle!  Now this is some serious perseverance!


State and County Parks and Trails in Jeapordy

It was recently brought to my attention that there are a large number of state and federal parks on the chopping block to “save money”.

The number 1 income generator for most states is tourism. Tourism is almost solely driven by access to public lands and therefore is responsible for generating lareg amounts of community income.

Some famous examples include:

Eden: California

Greensfelder-the single best trail system in St Louis County

St. Croix Bluffs State Parks in Minnesota

Minnesota is already starting to see the huge loss in revenues.


Race Horses and Rescues

First I want to tell you that when it comes to rescuing animals, I am always first in line.  I currently have a cat that was rescued from the Humane Society on “kill day” and a dog that was rescued from a neglect situation.  The dog came to me with mange and pneumonia; which cost me a small fortune to fix.  And if you’ve been reading my blog up until now, you know I have rescued a mustang.When it comes to horse racing, I do not have problems with the idea of the sport itself.  Horses love to run and are supremely competitive.  I think my own mare was a race horse in another life, as she revels at the idea of leaving another horse in the dust.  That said, the horse racing industry has two very big problems; starting and running horses too young, resulting in permanent debilitating injuries and casting away horses that are no longer needed. Read more »

Midwest Ice Storm

Today is one of the worst ice storms I have ever seen.  Hopefully after all of this, our evergreens will survive.  Right now, they are so weighted down that I think they might collapse if a strong wind comes through.  Since we have 40mph winds expected tomorrow, this is a signficant possibility.  The world is like an ice rink.  It was challenging for me to even find a place for my dog to stand and do his business without slipping onto his face.

These icy conditions are very dangerous for your horse.  If you typically give your horse access to the outdoors and there is any way to keep your horse inside, please do so.  You don’t want your horse getting hurt.  It would also be very difficult for you to get help given the road conditions or even for you to get out to help him yourself!


Testimonial-Recieved 9-29-11

Melissa, My husband is an attorney in Green Bay (David), and he had business with your Dad. Your Dad gave my husband this website address and I thought I’d check it out. I have 4 horses myself, including a yearling I was given that I intend to attempt to start myself. I spent a week riding in Wyoming last summer observing wild horses with an amazing couple, Mike and Bobbi Wade. They run Blue Sky Sage Horseback riding adventures. I had the time of my life and I couldn’t believe how breathtaking those mustangs were in their natural environment. I would LOVE to know how I can get a copy of the documentary Wild Horse Wild Ride. I am so inspired by you!! I will surely be adding this website to my favorites and I’ll be checking back often! Happy Trails!



Wild Horse Wild Ride Wins Best Doucmentary at Jax Film Festival

We are all very excited. It plays next week in Wichita, KS. If you haven’t seen it, I strongly encourange you to attend!


Chosing a horse Trailer

Whether you are looking to buy a new horse trailer or a used one, it’s easy to be influenced by fancy options and shiny construction materials. But, for a horse owner who wants to promote safe and stress free hauling for the horse, choosing a trailer from the horse’s point of view is very important. Since many horse trailers are built to appeal to the human perspective, this may not be as easy as one may think.

Considering the nature of the horse as a species, it’s a minor miracle that our equine friends get into a trailer at all. Horses are creatures of the prairie who are designed for life in wide open spaces. Because they are prey animals, they have a highly developed “flight or fight” response. When danger threatens, horses run away. That is how they survive. Feral horses who don’t run fast enough end up as dinner! They also have to watch their footing so they don’t fall into a hole or quicksand!

Read more »


Achieving Balance at the Gallop

Galloping a horse can be an amazing stress reliever, but before you do this, there are several things I recommend doing to prepare:

1. Be sure that you can trust your horse.  Make sure that your horse is not “spooky” or overly reactive, and that he will listen to your stop at both the trot and canter.
2. Be sure that you are confident with the canter, have a balanced seat and well conditioned legs.
3.  Teach yourself 2-point.

To speed up, you can either squeeze harder and/or smooch again.  Make certain that your hands are soft.  Just as you should follow his movement with your hands in the canter, it becomes a necessity in the gallop.

What I have found is that when most horses gallop, you will find a “sweet spot”.  The forward/back rocking motion should diminish as he reaches for a larger stride and flattens himself out.  At this point, I find it very easy to be balanced, and sometimes even use this pace to regain my balance.  Please only do that if you are very advanced.

I do have once comment.  If you are riding on a trail and you have a barn sour horse, practice this while traveling away from home.  You don’t want your horse getting carried away and racing al the way home.  If your horse does start racing in the direction of home and refuses to slow down, pull him into a circle by lengthening the outside rein and shortening the inside rein.


Tevis 2011

The Tevis is arguably the American Endurance Ride Association’s biggest and baddest race of the season. It attracts the best of the best from all over the country and even from other countries. The article that follows is an excellent account of the happenings on this ride:


Informational Video on Horse Slaughter

A comprehensive look at American Horse Slaughter.